I've included some pointers, that although are probably very obvious, will hopefully make the photography process glide along smoothly, with the aim of eliminating some easily avoided problems.

Please ensure any items that are being sent for photographing are packaged safely and insured to the correct value. When they arrive I'll check that everything is in good order and let you know that they have been delivered safely.

When packing jewellery please avoid fibrous packing material that is likely to snag on the jewellery and only ever shows itself after I've taken the photograph!

It's always helpful to include an inventory list and a few instructions or diagrams, the way a painting hangs or a pot sits may be obvious to the maker but may pass me by completely and will result in a re-shoot. Also if you have any ideas on how you would like the items to be staged or photographed please let me know. "I'll leave it up to you", although well meaning often leads to images that aren't quite what you had in mind and again leads to another re-shoot and a delay in receiving the final images.

When the items have been photographed I can send some 'proof' images for approval via email or Dropbox. When the final images have been approved I will send them to you by email and/or CD. If you have specific requirements for the images, file type, size, colour space etc or would like them forwarding to another party such as a designer or publication just let me know.

I very much welcome clients coming to the studio and 'assisting' with the photography session, no-one knows the artwork better than the maker which ultimately results in images being exactly what that the artist had hoped for. Getting to meet the client also helps build a good working relationship and it's always interesting to hear about the thoughts and processes behind a certain piece of jewellery or new glaze.

If there's anything I missed or you would like to know about a particular aspect of the photography in greater detail please let me know.